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Events & Webinars

HGC at International Conferences

Building a sustainable model for connectivity

With over half a billion internet subscribers, India—one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing markets for digital consumers—is undergoing digital revolution. As digital capabilities evolve and connectivity becomes a critical factor of country's development, a radical transformation of India’s economy through the accelerated adoption and usage of the internet become prominent.

Date & Time: Sep 30 | 12:00 (UTC+5:30)

Conference details;

HGC Connected india Tarun Signh

How should Telcos Evolve Sales, Marketing and Retail to Drive Revenues?

As retail continues to evolve their O2O experience, retailers need to support modern technology both in-store and online. Many retailers are focusing on the customer experience across channels and the rapidly changing behaviors of consumers themselves. To accommodate this shift, as well as to provide the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities that lie ahead, retailers need a robust wireless and wired network infrastructure. Sign up for Jacqueline Teo, CDO of HGC's webinar to learn how telcos can evolve sales, marketing and retail to drive revenues.

Date: Oct 28 | 10:25 AM (GMT)

Conference details:

Hgc Total Telecom Congress Webinar Jacqueline Teo

Watch HGC x Macroview's virtual live tribute concert

Rock out…from your couch!! Under this critical time, we believe that music has the power to heal and keep us engaged. This year, HGC is delighted to bring a sensational New York tribute band – Appetite for Destruction to our first-ever #virtual live concert, to keep all our friends, partners from around the globe connected and bring the unstoppable momentum forward!

The brilliant rock tribute band is dedicated to revitalize the mainstream rock, captivating our audience with impressive big rock sounds and intensity of the legendary band's 80's mix.

Watch Video Highlights here.

Watch On-Demand here.

Download e-autograph from Appetite for Destruction here.

Hgc 2020 Itw Live Concert Web

Carriers Digital Growth Strategies in 2020 & Beyond

Traditional wholesale services are being commoditized and wholesalers are under increasing price press ion from new OTT players. How are wholesalers adapting to new business models that attract new customers and create new revenue streams? Sign up the webinar and listen to Ravindran Mahalingam, SVP, International of HGC's sharing.

Watch On-Demand here.

Hgc Ravindran Mahalingam Webinars Telecom World Asia

Monetizing Analytics, AI, Big Data and IoT

As telcos continue to diversify and transform into agile content providers, analytics will direct the paths that telcos maneuver through. In the live webinar held by Telecoms World Asia, Jacqueline Teo, CDO of HGC, will share her insights on building an efficient analytics model and the strategy to keep pace with technology innovations and predictive customer expectations.

Watch On-Demand here.

Hgc Webinar Jacqueline Teo Telecoms World Asia

Dealing with Big Data: SDN & Data Centres

Data centres are constantly evolving and SDN is playing a key role in defining infrastructure and virtualization deployments. With the increase in demand for data and connectivity amid the current global event, what is SDN’s role in supporting growing traffic and resolving data centre network issues? Benny Hu, AVP – Market Development, International Business of HGC will share his insights in the upcoming webinar held by Telecoms World Asia.

Watch On-Demand here.

Hgc Benny Hu Webinar Telecom World Asia

State of Play, Telecoms & COVID-19

What business continuity lessons have been learnt by the telecom industry in the light of recent global pandemic? How different industry players could be better prepared in the future? Join us in the webinar held by Total Telecoms where Ravindran Mahalingam, SVP, International of HGC, will share how telcos have ensured business continuity during the crisis and the key learnings for delivering operational resilience going forward.

Watch On-Demand here.

Hgc Ravindran Mahalingam Webinars Total Telecom

APNIC: Networking from Home

As the world enters the 5G and cloud era, IPv6+ is the next-generation intelligent IP network for the age of boundless connectivity. What is the new architecture and protocol for the transition from IPv6 to IPv6+? Any network security considerations of IPv6+ deployment?

Willa Ortiz, Senior Business Development Manager, International Business of HGC , is joining the APNIC virtual networking, as the representative of Philippine Network Operators’ Group (PhNOG) and the Chair for Program committee for South East Asia NFH event, to share her experience and insights on the new requirements and challenges for IP transport network in South East Asia region.

Date & Time: Jun 2 | 10:00AM – 12:30PM (UTC+8)

APNIC Details:

Hgc Apnic Networking From Home

LSO Sonata Implementations - Experience Gained

MEF is driving development of a global federation of dynamic, trusted, and certified services that power enterprise digital transformation. Many of the greatest benefits of MEF 3.0 services can be realized when providers are able to rapidly deliver high-performance/on-demand services across multiple provider networks and ultimately to end-users within a frictionless commercial environment.

In this interactive members-only workshop, Jacqueline Teo, CDO of HGC, is going to share her experience gained in LSO Sonata Implementations, as well as the challenges and benefits of using these API in driving frictionless commerce.

Data & Time: Jun 3 | 10:30AM (EDT)

Details and Registration:

Hgc Lso Sonata Implementations  Webinar Jacqueline Teo

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