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Upcoming webinars

Each webinar features valuable tips and information by our experts

Join HGC at Capacity Middle East

Capacity Middle East is the largest carrier meeting for the Middle Eastern region, uniting the region’s key ICT players representing the carrier, cloud, hyperscaler, content, digital infrastructure, edge, software, data centre and technology industries.

Join HGC at Capacity Middle East and engage in diversified network operators, data centres, cloud providers, IXs, content providers, satellite communities ecosystem!

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HGC Capacity Middle East 2022

Taipei Game Show

The Taipei Game Show is here again. It is one of the most resilient game shows in Asia and has proved that its popularity is here to stay. Following the growing trends of gaming, Taiwanese video game market is the 15th largest in the world at USD 1.231 billion capturing mass opportunities with young players.

This year with HGC as a virtual exhibitor in the B2B area, we invite you to follow us and excavate the next new potential business partnerships that brings gaming to its new height and fashion.

Schedule a meeting with @Daniel Wang, AVP – Taiwan to discuss globalization of the gaming industry: /

About @Taipei Game Show:
HGC OTT Edge Solution:

HGC Taipeo Game Show 2022

PTC 2022 - Reunite. Rethink. Renew

PTC 2022 is here around the corner again reuniting the telecom community to bring more ethical and sustainable virtuous impact in the digital economy it serves. Join HGC in meeting and creating the next groundbreaking strategies to better the world through comprehensive digital infrastructure and ICT solutions connecting internet community globally and narrowing the digital divide.

About PTC 2022:

Jan 16 - 19 | Honolulu, Hawaii

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HGC PTC 2022

Capacity Asia - New Hubs of Asian Connectivity

The world is embracing a more digital way of life and has heavily increased the demand for connectivity. Data demands were spiking, driven by population-wide moves to remote working, use of on-demand video, and digital and cloud acceleration.

How will these future hubs of Asian connectivity evolve and what are the new emerging opportunities for connectivity aggregation across Asia such as Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, South Korea, etc?

Join Thomas Lee, AVP - Global Carrier Data of HGC during Capacity Asia virtual to explore landscape of Asian connectivity hubs.

About Capacity Asia:

Nov 30 | 2pm HKT

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HGC Cybersecurity TWA

Telecom World Asia - Protecting your network from growing cybersecurity threats

As the digital economy becomes more developed, the spillover effect of it needs to attract sophisticated attention. Right now cyber threats are increasing in parallel with the development of the digitalized world. A 5G plan now is less secure than a 4G plan. So at this year’s #Telecoms World Asia, please join @Benny Hu to talk about protecting your network from growing cyber security threats. The expo will highlight the challenges facing ICT solution providers particularly the telecommunication industries such as; network virtualization, 5G, carrier world Asia, intelligent connectivity and telco 4.0.

Date: Nov 16

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HGC Cybersecurity TWA

Telecom World Asia - Finding an edge computing strategy that works

As the digital economy craves speed, less latency and greater efficiency with its network, edge computing is the innovation in demand. Therefore @Dennis Chan will be speaking at #Telecom World Asia Panel on finding an edge computing strategy that works. It will be part of the intelligent connectivity segment on unlocking telco opportunities in AI, the smart city and telco 4.0. So do not miss out on this talk as you can be part of what will be discussed in realizing the future in technology.

Date: Nov 16

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HGC Edge Comptuing TWA

Prevent advanced phishing attacks and minimize data breach risks

Phishing attacks continue to be increasingly prevalent in Southeast Asia with the total number of attempts reached 14 million times or above. According to report, Indonesia is seen to be the first most highest phishing-infected users among the region last year, accounting for over 740,000 of phishing emails recorded in the country.

In this webinar, HGC expertise will cover:

  • How to proactively detect and respond to phishing attacks in minutes, not days/ weeks
  • Protect organization against targeted phishing attacks and build security resilience among workforce across FSI, e-commerce, ICT and other fast-growing high-value industries
  • HGC one-stop solution to fully protect your business from different aspects, such as phishing assessment, penetration test, anti-DDoS protection solution

Date & Time:
Sep 16 | 2:00 - 3:10 (Local Indonesia Time)

Free registration:
Contact us: +62 21 2963 8009

HGC Indonesia webinar

Malaysia's national telecom cybersecurity

Given the increase in the number of internet users has a direct implication on the increase in potential threat on information systems, it is essential to take necessary precautionary measures. The MoU between HGC & CyberSecurity Malaysia will cover cybersecurity cooperation in key areas including telecom security, IoT security and threats intelligence. The exchange of information on telecommunication networks, ICT solutions and cybersecurity can further improve cyberattack readiness and prevention measures.

Watch MySecurityTV episode with HGC, Macroview Telecom, and CyberSecurity Malaysia to learn more about how the cooperation could complement cybersecurity strategies of organization with cyber resilience.

Watch on demand:

HGC Mysecurity TV webinar

Beyond Vietnam, Borderless Gaming Expansion

With the proliferation of home-grown Vietnamese indie developers who have achieved international success in making casual games, what are the growth strategies for these gaming start-up to expand in Asia and beyond? HGC expertise is here to support your exponential “glocalization” with the next-generation digital infrastructure and bring the most remarkable Vietnam-made game worldwide.

Join HGC webinar in Vietnam ICT Comm to explore:

  • Why is Vietnam an attractive gaming industry investment destination
  • How HGC supports gaming start-ups’ exponential “glocalization” with the next-generation edge digital infrastructure
  • Why high speed, premium and ultra-low latency network in the edge space is essential in achieving ultimate gaming experience

Watch on-demand:

HGC Vietnam webinar

Modernising the manufacturing industry with advanced mobile security management

Working with mobile devices has for sure boosted up productivity and efficiency, but sensitive data that should have stayed in the room flows out of the steal box, to mobile devices back and forth; risks are hereof introduced exponentially. It’s critical for companies to enable their employees to work remotely, access company resources securely, and ensure business continuity.

How could manufacturers ensure high productivity while protecting sensitive data on mobile devices and controlling the use of these devices? Join HGC and SMF webinar to hear the possible cybersecurity loopholes introduced by the accelerated “mobile-first” era and what kinds of cyber defense can be adopted whilst ensuring high productivity.

Date & Time: Jun 22 | 3-4PM (SGT)

Register now:

HGC Singapore manufacturing webinar

Redefining CIO/ CTO cybersecurity investment priorities in the next normal

The emergence of digital technologies and platforms - from cloud, mobility, OTT to IoT - is creating new cyberthreat and digital risk management challenges for today's enterprises.

Join HGC, CyberSecurity Malaysia and Macroview to understand how forward-planning corporates can develop an agile cybersecurity investment strategy and the top cybersecurity investment priorities by CIO/ CTO.

Date & Time: To be updated
Detail and registration:

HGC CSM webinar 4

Digital risk management: Threat intelligence and best practices for enterprises

As digital risk arises and evolves in ways much faster and complicated than ever, regardless organisations introduce new or revamped products and services, or maintain the existing ones, digital risk management becomes critical as part of business management. How could modern enterprises identify and address digital risks successfully while avoiding struggling to choose and implement appropriate cyber defence controls?

Hear experts from HGC & Macroview, discussing how modern organisations could take use of passwordless authentication and implement data protection mechanism to reinforce your cyber defense and security posture.

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HGC digital risk management webinar

Game on! Taking Online Gaming into Next Levels for Asia

Asia is home to the largest audience of gaming players and fans in the world. For example, with over 40 million people in six countries across the region — Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand — came online for the first time in 2020, how could the gaming companies capture these users’ shift to digital consumption and maximize the existing and new players’ retention on online gaming?

Watch the webinar on-demand to hear the critical one-stop shop solutions for gaming companies' expansion in this rapid-growing Asian market.

HGC award-winning OTT edge solutions

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HGC Gaming webinar AWS

Stepping into new reality: Gamifying shopping experience with Aglet

Have you ever thought that your physical steps can earn you virtual currency to purchase and collect virtual sneakers from brands, much like Pokémon Go, but in a sneaker edition? Find it out in our webinar with Aglet:

In this webinar, our expertise will cover:·

- Edge computing in mobile gaming space for game acceleration·
- Reach 700+ million of Asian youth population from a startup environment
- Opportunities for retailers in building exclusive customer experience in the virtual community
- Values of digital alternatives for fashion and the new sustainability in the new reality

Request for on-demand video →

HGC Gaming webinar

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