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Events & Webinars

HGC at International Conferences

Meet HGC at China International Financial Exhibition

With technological and industrial revolutions sweeping across the world, China, one of the world's fastest-growing economies, is on the mainstream of digital technology as the country is at the forefront of the tech players around the world.

Meet us in China International Financial Exhibition to discuss your global connectivity needs to Asia, and learn about BDx and their data centres in Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore, as well as the multipoint-to-multipoint set of IT digital transformation initiatives of HGC & our subsidiary, Macroview.

Conference details:

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HGC China International Financial Exhibition

Malaysia's National Telecoms Cybersecurity (Dec 9)

Given the increase in the number of internet users has a direct implication on the increase in potential threat on information systems, it is essential to take necessary precautionary measures.

In October this year, HGC signed MOU with CyberSecurity Malaysia, the national cybersecurity specialist and technical agency under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM).

Join us in the webinar to learn more about the cooperation between HGC and CyberSecurity Malaysia in complementing organizations’ cybersecurity strategies with cyber resilience.

Date: Dec 9 | 10:00AM (UTC+8)

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HGC My Security Marketplace webinar Ravi

Getting Intelligent Automation Right in 2021 (Dec 10)

Intelligent automation technologies combine RPA with AI and machine learning to help businesses control costs, mitigate business risk and deliver a superior employee experience as we navigate through these times. Many companies in Asia Pacific have seen early success with RPA. However, combining robotic process automation (RPA) with existing and emerging AI components provides a roadmap for greater strategic value that fuels business transformation.

Register now for the webinar where Jacqueline Teo, CDO of HGC will discuss the essential components of an intelligent automation strategy and how they complement to drive success.

Date: Dec 10 | 11:30 PM (UTC+8)

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HGC blueprism webinar Jacqueline Teo

Edge Computing and 5G (Dec 17)

The move to edge computing environments, the deployment of 5G networks come with new cybersecurity risks. As network architectures evolve with increased consumption of multimedia content and the interaction of data and services via IoT devices, there is increasing security vulnerabilities.

Register now for Hubsecurity's webinar to learn more about confidential computing, as well as user data privacy in application of edge computing.

Date: Dec 17 | 12:00PM (EST)

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HGC Hubsecurity webinar Jacqueline Teo

Future proofing your workplace

The work environment is changing. Advances in technology and digitalization have driven companies' demand for a smarter workplace.

Register now for the webinar from HGC and Macroview to learn more our fully integrated and automated digital workplace for enterprise to realize smart and self-serviced experience with behavioral workplace analytics.

Date: Dec 17 | 2:30PM (UTC+8)

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HGC MV Webinar Smart workplace

Game on! Taking Online Gaming into Next Levels for Asia

Asia is home to the largest audience of gaming players and fans in the world. For example, with over 40 million people in six countries across the region — Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand — came online for the first time in 2020, how could the gaming companies capture these users’ shift to digital consumption and maximize the existing and new players’ retention on online gaming?

Join this webinar from HGC, Macroview and AWS to hear the critical one-stop shop solutions for gaming companies' expansion in this rapid-growing Asian market.

Date & Time:
Dec 18 (Fri) | 4 - 5PM (UTC+8)
: 1 hour

HGC, Macroview and AWS expertise will cover:

- Booming gaming trend in Asia and why it is a huge potential market for gaming companies
- How to minimize the network latency to enhance end-user experience and accelerate footprint expansion
- The adoption of cybersecurity technology to secure the delivery of your game to users
- Cloud Application to scale games with minimal operational overhead

HGC award-winning OTT edge solutions

Webinar Registration:

HGC MV OTT webinar 20201202

Networks and data centers: Strategic Business Development

As traditional services continue to digitize the world is fixated on content. Delivery, implementation, and uninterrupted service of such products needs to be handled by experts in core digital infrastructure. As technology changes , roll out of 5G networks, data deluge, continued focus on movement to the cloud, automation of services the data centers and fiber providers must adjust and be able to move more quickly and provide more cost effective solutions.

How have the data centers and fiber providers been adjusting to new technologies and formats? Join us in the webinar at PTC'21 to hear the insights of Ravi Mahalingam, SVP, International Business of HGC.

Date: Jan 19 | 1:30PM (UTC-10)

Conference detail:

HGC PTC21 webinar Ravi

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