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HGC Mobile Intelligence

Securing your business against mobile fraud attacks

Business is going digital

Regardless if your business is in finance, gaming, commerce or health verticals, the pace of digitalisation has accelerated during the last couple of years. Your users demand faster, better and more convenient ways to consume your services whilst keeping data and transactions secure. This challenges developers across industries. HGC Mobile Intelligence services provide developers with more options to address this challenge.

Creating better and more secure digital experiences

Through the HGC Mobile Intelligence APIs, customers can add Mobile Intelligence data in their own adaptive user experiences. As the data points are just an API call away our customers can reduce risk without additional steps in the user experience.

Example: As the transaction is risk assessed, there is a need to do two-factor authentication. Many customers use SMS OTP today.

However, with HGC Mobile Intelligence, this two-factor authentication can happen via an API call to the mobile operator, providing the same two-factor authentication without any user intervention.


High Platform availability: 99.95%

Reliable service

Usage based pricing

Flexibility in terms of budget and usage

Multiple data points from multiple operators

Integrate once and low friction expansion

Industry standard REST API support

Deploy independent of programming language

Developer friendly support

We've got your back when you need it

Example of use cases that enhance digital service online experience

  • Verify your users during new account sign up process with additional KYC data
  • Stop SMS OTP fraud, check if mobile number has recently changed SIMs
  • Let your customers access your services more conveniently
  • Use two-factor authentication without impacting user experience
HGC Mobile intelligence use case 2

Example Data sourced from Mobile Operators

Network Data

  • MSISDN used for browsing your site
  • Date of last SIM change
  • Roaming status

Account Data

  • Tenure with operator
  • Billing segment
  • Lost or stolen

Customer Data*

  • Name
  • Address
  • Age

*Typically provided as match service for data privacy purposes.

Experience HGC Mobile Intelligence

Contact us to discuss your ideas, questions, and get access to our sandbox environment or to start deploying HGC Mobile Intelligence services.
Go ahead, we've got your back.

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  2. Personal Data includes any or all of the following : name, gender, telephone number, fax number, postal address, e-mail address, month and year of birth, and the information on usage of telecommunications and related telecommunications value-added services and relevant HGC Global Communications Limited’s account and service number.
  3. Designated industries include telecommunications and related telecommunications value-added services and/or products, concierge services, flowers and hampers, wedding planning services, personal care and beauty, fashion and apparel, supermarket and department stores, household, catering/ food and beverages, hotels and travelling, entertainment and leisure, high-end consumer products, electrical and electronic products, e-commerce and payment platforms, media, insurance, banking and finance, education, stationery and office equipment, real estate and property management, logistics and transportation, social network services, recruitment, charitable and non-profit making organizations.

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