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Network Services

HGC Network Services
Build highly orchestrated network for a centralised and automated management riding on HGC's extensive global network
Hgc Network Sdn Mobile
​Enterprise-Class Software Defined Network
Hgc Network Gms Mobile
GMS Data Network Service
Fully resilient and redundant network into new emerging markets
Hgc Network Sdwan Mobile
SD-WAN Service
Connect enterprise networks across geographical boundary
Hgc Network Gelp Mobile
GEPL Service
​Flexible solution boosts business performance​
Hgc Network Iplc Mobile
IPLC Service
Global end-to-end solution extending your global footprint
Hgc Network Vpls Mobile
VPLS Service
Comprehensive and cost-effective solution provides total connectivity
Hgc Network Vpn Mobile
VPN Service
Business connectivity with full feature set and redundancy