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24 Mar

Message to our global customers and partners

Dear Valued Customer and Partner,

In lights of the growing global challenge of COVID-19, we are working around the clock to provide continuity of our professional services. At the start of the outbreak, we have enacted the business continuity plan, with steadfast commitment to support your business through this unprecedented and challenging time.

We’re maintaining the profession to keep our customers connected

To ensure the services’ readiness, resiliency and delivery, our network operations team continues to work in full force to ensure our services remain smooth & uninterrupted without downtime through these difficult times. HGC International Network Operations Centre (INOC) maintains 24/7 operations to ensure quality network performance and reliability, as well as troubleshoot and repair any network outages as soon as possible when necessary. We are constantly monitoring our network utilization to ensure that our network capacity is well-prepared to handle the shifts in customer usage patterns.

The safety, health and well being of team members, customers and partners is always our top priority. In this time of unprecedented uncertainty, we are reinforcing public health guidelines with every employee. Impacts on business operations in Hong Kong headquarters and regional offices will be minimized, while our International Business team stays dedicated to supporting your business operation.

We’re constantly monitoring the evolving situation

As the pandemic evolves, the leadership committee is closely monitoring the rapidly developing situation and we are in close contact with every team member for regular and immediate update. We are constantly reviewing the contingency plans of our partners, service providers and relevant stakeholders in the community for seamless coordination to ensure continuous services to our customers in these critical times.

These times might be challenging, but we believe that it will be imperative that we stand strong and united to get through this challenging period. HGC International Business team is always here to extend our full support and go the extra mile to ensure effective business collaboration through these unprecedented times.

For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team of HGC representatives or email us at

Thank you for your earnest support all along. In the meantime, be well and stay safe.

With deepest gratitude,

HGC International Business