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17 Jan

HGC ultra-low latency Eyeball-as-a-ServiceTM backs Kacific’s delivery of high-speed, reliable local broadband across Southeast Asia

HONG KONG/ Hawaii, 17 January 2022 - HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC), a fully-fledged ICT service provider and network operator with extensive global coverage, and Kacific Broadband Satellites Group (Kacific), a next-generation broadband satellite operator that provides affordable, high-speed broadband access to Asia Pacific, have collaborated to boost critical connectivity across emerging markets in the Philippines, providing high standards of connectivity service delivery and quality.

Working together, the two providers will offer faster, safer, and more reliable critical infrastructure benefiting the Philippines’ enterprise users as well as an array of industries including mining, government, banks, financial institutions, schools, health clinics, telemedicine, and remote healthcare which may enter the market for the first time.

With a population exceeding 110 million, the Philippines is rapidly digitizing with a high internet penetration expected to reach 82% by 2022.

Kacific’s geostationary Ka-band satellite, Kacific1, was launched in December 2019 to provide high-speed, reliable broadband connectivity to the underserved rural and suburban communities at prices and equipment that are affordable and easily accessible. Now, the operator is deploying innovation breakthroughs on the ground with a new line of high-performance and cost-effective broadband terminals.

HGC has been selected as a partner of choice to host Kacific’s IT infrastructure and critical business applications speeding up deployments and upgrades, as well as improving network latency and accelerating times to market-leading standards and upping security systems.

HGC will provide the international IP routes to Kacific that subsequently will use this to give internet access across remote, internet deprived areas through Satellite technology where there is a lack of fibre.

By utilizing HGC’s flagship ultra-low latency Eyeball-as-a-ServiceTM (EaaS) Solution, Kacific will be able to noticeably reduce latency times and further deploy innovation breakthroughs on the ground with a new line of high-performance and cost-effective broadband terminals.

HGC EaaS has been created to take into consideration regional routing and IP related services, bringing on route diversity that not only achieves ultra-low-latency times of less than 10 milliseconds* and a more robust bandwidth but also offers disaster redundancy preventing profit-hitting downtime.

Ravindran Mahalingam, HGC’s Senior Vice President, International Business,
said “The Philippines is undergoing a tremendous shift as its economy converts to digital, and the need for critical digital infrastructure has never been greater than right now. From enterprises to OTTs providing virtual banking, streaming services and more, this is a turning point in the faciliating business’ digitalization.”

Cliff Tam, HGC’s Senior Vice President, Global Data Strategy of International Business,
said: “This project is not only remarkable from a technical standpoint from Earth to space and back, but it also has a tremendous philanthropist side to it because we are helping to connect the unconnected across swathes of Southeast Asia that are full of talent but that until now lacked the digital tools to shine.”

“We look forward to continuing working with Kacific as well as all the enterprise/OTT users and other verticals to help them take the first step towards modernizing their operations.”

Cyril Annarella, Chief Operations Officer at Kacific
, said: “Our focus has always been to work in partnership with major international carriers and with strong local partners to complement our satellite assets and advance the global broadband infrastructure.”

“HGC is highly regarded in Asia and the global markets, and is a well-known pioneer in the telecommunication arena. The skills and expertise HGC brings to this project allows us to continuously deliver a world class service to our markets and make a rapid and lasting difference to the people of Southeast Asia.

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*HGC Eyeball-as-a-ServiceTM Peering Platform Internal Testing Result within the Philippines region.