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5 networking ways to build your bespoke cloud gaming business

HGC Gaming blog

By combining our know-how and regional expertise with our advanced technologies and resources, HGC's one-stop OTT edge solutions can provide custom components and solutions on a large scale and in a cost-effective manner, fully supporting OTTs to deliver a huge amount of content with minimal latency and increased agility.

Marcello Brescia
Manager - OTT & Edge Ecosystem, International Business of HGC

The cloud market is maturing and evolving into a much more specific-based application model. We call this cloud verticalization. The concept where a simple, general cloud solution no longer suits all, but a more specialized service offering is needed to answer the demands from specific verticals.

Vertical markets such as gaming or the financials services have very specific and diverge requirements, from serves, to availability, latency, SLAs, you name it. Value-added resellers are aware of this, and you are now seeing a surge in vertical-specific offerings around software, cloud services and networking.

Over the last few months, whilst brining you the latest and hottest gaming trends I come cross, one thing that I keep noticing more is indeed this need for more vertical specialized offerings that allow gaming companies and OTT providers to build the most bespoke IT environment possible for their playing needs.

To that extend, I have put together a short list of five key points that are pivotal to building a bespoke cloud gaming environment.

IP transit

The clue is in the name. Imagine a motorway and different types of vehicles. Buses, individual cars, race cars, emergency services, you name it. All of them have a journey to complete, but their need for speed varies greatly. The standard answer of the world was to create different levels of roads, and we are now all used to driving on one side of the road, leaving the remaining lanes to the faster traffic.

IP transit is essentially the same: it is about prioritizing internet traffic and making sure it arrives on time, with no latency, no lag, at the destination. Whilst the old ways dictate we do things using the same method for all types of traffic, we are now at a stage where transit offerings need to be tailored to the gaming sector.

Patches are not acceptable in a world that is rapidly adopting the metaverse and where less than 20ms is now considered an optimal value of latency for gaming. IT transit is a good way to map the internet using servers distributed across the world. This curbs the need for a centralized data center, making data transfers faster. And not many need faster transfer rates than gaming.

HGC, for example, has development IP transit solutions targeting specific verticals and ensuring that wherever the player is, his/her game offers the same prime quality. We use a wide range of gaming servers spread across the globe to ensure IP traffic has as many chances and ways to navigate and find the fastest route possible thought automation and the use of AI.

Fully meshed and extensive networks

We have previously spoken of the rise of Gaming-as-a-Service (GaaS), and this is only deliverable once networks are built to specifically address the need of gaming. Telcos and cloud operators are working together to ensure benefits such as speed, availability and opportunity to game is experienced by as many people as possible. And this is where edge computing also becomes a key part of the puzzle.

Edge brings the computing power closer to the source of the data, close to the user, making their online experience faster and less prone to delays or other unfortunate events.

As gaming companies shift towards the cloud and embrace 5G, edge is what will enable players in the field to drive into the expressway of success to reach eyeballs worldwide.

With an extensive global network and infrastructure across five continents, HGC has created a successful track record across Asia of providing OTT services and building fully meshed and extensive networks Asia.

By combining our know-how and regional expertise with our advanced technologies and resources, HGC's one-stop OTT Edge solutions can provide custom components and solutions on a large scale and in a cost-effective manner, fully supporting OTTs to deliver a huge amount of content with minimal latency and increased agility.

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Big Data

Gaming means big money. It has for years, but it is now evolving into an enormous revenue generator not only to OTTs and gaming companies, but also unexpected players such as luxury fashion brands for example.

Gaming is no longer a “console world”, it is mobile, it is laptop, it is everywhere. And everywhere brings with a tremendous amount of data on players habits, needs and profiles, which big data analysis can then convert into smart campaigns continuing the revenue cycle being the game acquisition.

Just like IT transit, this is an area that requires tailored ways of collecting and dealing with the data at hand. A standard big data software will not be enough to understand the tsunami of information even the most basic game captures.

Here at HGC, there is a content exchange platform built for OTT, content providers and mobile network operators, allowing them to directly reach eyeballs and extend service coverage whilst provisioning gaming environments and making sense of their data to gain a competitive edge in the face of their competitors.

Hybrid network and softwarization

High quality, reliable and secure connectivity is the key to supporting OTTs and gaming environments’ latency-sensitive and bandwidth-hungry applications. This is where flexibility, scalability and elasticity of networks becomes paramount to the success of delivering the best content, always, and upgrading the needs of the user base as it grows.

As the world becomes more as-a-service, Network-as-a-Service (NaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are three key components to achieve this.

Taking the pain away from running hardware infrastructure, now gaming providers need specialist solutions around how they use and grow their network needs, hence softwarization being the way forward.

HGC has bult a comprehensive one-stop-shop for NaaS, IaaS and SaaS solutions with customized and managed digital services. Our advanced network enables OTTs to scale up their businesses speedily by instant activation of on-demand connectivity as well as hyper-scale public cloud direct connect and Internet Exchanges on SDX.

Global Reach

At the end of the day, one of gaming companies’ main goal of the moment is to reach the masses, no matter where they are in the world. But just like all that we have gone through above, one size does not fit all, and there is now a growing need for bespoke gaming solutions that allow for expansion and reach.

With the continuous expansion of interactive OTT players such as gaming companies, eSports, virtual commerce, media content providers, internet businesses, AI & IoT technology solution providers, application developers and start-ups, the demand of high-quality and easily accessible network reach has never been so significant.

At HGC we understood this early on, and we have recently launched the industry’s most comprehensive gaming platform: Eyeball-as-a-Service (EaaS).

EaaS has been designed to help international gaming companies expand their footprint across wide geographical landmasses at high-speed, low latency and best-in-class service-level agreements (SLA) to fulfil the extensive applications fueled by 5G edge computing.

Riding on HGC's fine-tuned IP transit network, HGC is able to deliver a least-hop, optimized, direct local connections from OTTs' edge servers to end-users with ultra-low latency that significantly improves users' Quality of Experience (QoE).

If you wish to learn more about how HGC can support your gaming business, feel free to contact us at and we can chat through it all.