HGC ibizCloud Service
HGC ibizCloud Service

HGC ibizCloud Service

International Cloud for your business

HGC ibizCloud – a total solution of on-demand base service for customers to manage the transmission and storage of massive amounts of data without having to make huge capital investments, lowering total cost of ownership and reducing time to market. Built using software-defined networking (SDN) framework, HGC ibizCloud allows multinationals and corporate customers access to a cloud-based environment with HGC infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), bandwidth-as-a-service (BaaS), and dedicated bandwidth-as-a-service (DBaaS), and makes use of the new on-demand virtual leased line (ODVLL) technology to enhance its ability to extend global business coverage.


Available Services


Offering managed virtual computer infrastructure such as virtual machines, CPU cores, RAM and storage by drawing on HGC's extensive data center network and virtualization technology, in which shared pools of IT resources are available to customers on a self-service basis and turn capex into more affordable opex.​


Web-based services that enable customers to access the internet without data usage limits. The system will monitor internet usage and charge excess data usage at tier price.


Dedicated Bandwidth-as-a-Service(DBaaS)​


​DBaaS provides cloud-to-cloud connectivity running on HGC's high-performance MPLS network. DBaaS connects different cloud sites and turns them into an Ethernet network characterized by private and highly secure data transmission.


On-demand Virtual Leased Line (ODVLL) Service

A cloud connectivity service that provides virtual on-demand point-to-point and secure data transmission from one customer's premises to another over HGC's inter-cloud platform via the local Internet and HGC's MPLS network. Encrypted data transmission ensures network security and diverse coverage as ODVLL is available anytime and anywhere. Customers can also enjoy fast service provisioning, with implementation time shortened from traditionally several weeks to a few hours.

A white label service is also available, allowing resellers to place their own logo and color theme on a web portal.

​Features ​Benefits
  • ​Cloud available in multiple locations
  • ​Ownership and management of physical infrastructure not required
  • HGC's local talent eliminates need for manpower overseas
  • Lower cost and reduce IT complexity
  • ​Service Flexibility
  • ​Allows Instant expansion or reduction of resources
  • Easy access to date and applications through cloud network with any device
  • ​Fast provisioning of services
  • ​Subscription via online web portal with activation within a few hours
  • Time saving on service provisioning enables immediate project start
  • ​Pay-as-you-go charging scheme
  • ​Minimizes capital investment
  • Enable flexible resources allocation
  • Immediate start for short-term projects
  • ​Pioneer to ODVLL service
  • ​Pioneer to provide ODVLL service via cloud technology
  • Service available anywhere,anytime
  • Shortened implementation time from few weeks to a few hours​
  • ​Cloud-to-Cloud interconnection via MPLS network
  • ​Ensures secure date transmission with stringent SLA
  • ​Different tier connectivity
  • Pure Internet
  • Private and secure network
  • Hybrid
  • ​High flexibility in selection of different connectivity according to business needs  and location​
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HGC-intl Product PDF Download