HGC AWS Direct Connect
HGC AWS Direct Connect

HGC AWS Direct Connect

​HGC AWS Direct Connect offers an express network enables enterprise to effectively establish connectivity between office location, data centres and disaster recovery sites with greater flexibility to address evolving IT requirements, leveraging HGC's diverse network across the global HGC AWS Direct Connect creates a more efficient and reliable cloud operating environment with improved application performance and network security.

Connection via HGC Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network​

Riding on MPLS network, customers can connect from AWS cloud platform to office with a simple network topology which is stable, private and non-blocking. It is suitable for internal communications including emails, ERP, file transfer as well as data update from office to AWS cloud site. Bandwidth is available from 1Mbps to 1000Mbps.


​Connection via HGC Internet backbone

Connected with prominent Internet Exchange (IX), rich in peerings as well as hosting content directly in the network around the world, HGC internet is delivering rich content to diverse range of eyeballs. HGC provides tailor-made solution including customised routings, dedicated port as well as guaranteed bandwidth to ensure high quality services. Bandwidth is available from 1Mbps to 1000Mbps.

Subscribing HGC AWS allows customers to enjoy enhanced internet performance and network availability, as well as reaching their target eyeball efficiently.
  • ​Readily connected to AWS
  • ​Quick implementation
  • Connectivity directly configured into cloud virtual machine
  • ​Private or Internet network present
  • ​​HGC provides one-stop solution for hybrid networking
  • Customer freely select a suitable network to connect the resources
  • Scalable from small bandwidth to full port speed
  • ​Connected to MPLS network
  • Ability to connect rest of the world with high security
  • Safely run business application via secure private network
  • ​Customised IP route
  • Improve apps performance
  • Reach target eyeball
  • ​Premium sup​ports
  • Network consultancy and project management
  • 7x24 technical support​

Alternative to HGC AWS Direct Connect​

HGC provides customers an alternative solution - HGC ibizCloud On-demand Virtual Leased Line (ODVLL) service connecting to the AWS cloud site.


  • On-demand point-to-point connectivity
  • Secure data transmission over HGC's MPLS network and local internet
  • Fast service provisioning, with implementation time shortened from traditionally several weeks to 30minutes 
  • Facilitates bursty nature of date generated by ad hoc promotions or seasonal periods
  • ​Anywhere,​anytime​


HGC-intl Product PDF Download



HGC-intl Product PDF Download