Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Package​

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Package​

​​Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Package​

Effective and secured centralized IT infrastructure management ​

  • ​Central Management
    - e.g. patch update with one single step, licensing management
  • Flexible working locations
    - remote login with android, ios devices
  • Flexible resources allocation  
  • Mobile seat and roaming desktop
  • End users' terminals upgrade
  • Reduce TCO by centralised management
  • Speed up the Desktop provisioning and reduce maintencance window
  • Time saving on software update and licensing issues
  • Secure and Managed Desktop environment

*​​Terms & Conditions

  • The promotion period is valid until 30 Nov, 2016.
  • This offer is only applicable to selected customers who subscribe services plan for 24 months. They are entitled to a waiver of the 13th bill month service fee during service period.
  • The above services and offers are subject to the terms and conditions of the final contract. Service contents, charges and the above service offers are subject to change and termination by HGC at any time without prior notice.  In case of disputes, decision of HGC shall be final.