HGC Big Data Exchange (BDX)

HGC Big Data Exchange (BDX)

Expressway to reach eyeballs and extend your service coverage

​​​Mobile data consumption is thriving and content flows are skyrocketing thanks to the deployment of advanced networks and data-intensive applications. While that means great opporutnities for OTT and content providers, it also brings challenges and growing competition. In order to differentiate they need to be able to efficiently acquire eyeballs and to expand service coverage while maintaining high quality. ​​

HGC's Big Data Exchange (BDX) is a content exchange platform built for OTT, content providers and mobile network operators, allowing them to directly reach eyeballs and extend service coverage. The platform is readily connected and peered with Hong Kong, Mainland China and international carriers networks, various data centres and Internet Exchanges (IX) around the world, as well as HGC's own IPX platform which contains rich eyeballs from the group's 11 Mobile Network operators (MNO) and other MNOs worldwide.

Incorporating with HGC's total solution, which bundle collocation space, Internet, cloud connectivity, server farm design & implementation and procurement, HGC BDX enables quick service launch and business start-up. It offers a flexible pricing model that enables customers to turn capex into opex.

With its one-stop BDX Service Operation Centre (BDXSOC) service, HGC BDX also goes well beyond traditional hosting and colocation. The professional IT service not only handles network operations but also a broad range of requirments, including system, hardware and software configuration, patch installation, OS tweaking and application server tuning. Moreover, the HGC BDXSOC gives customers peace of mind that the support they receive is delivered in an effective, compliant manner.

​Via HGC's extensive data netwrok and ​​Internet backbone, HGC delivers customers with high quality network service and availability, security and diversity through shortest AS path. ​​​



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Connectivity and peering:
  • Hong Kong, Mainland China & International carrier's network
  • HGC's own IPX netw​ork
  • The group's 11 MNO and other MNOs
  • Internet Exchange (IX) and Data Centres worldwide
Multiple benefits from a single connection:
  • Rich eyeball reach
  • Extensive coverage
  • Network service availability
  • Premium Internet access

24 x 7 BDXSOC service:
  • Remote hands:
    • ​​Eye / signal light inspection / photo taking
    • Equipment Power Cycle
    • Rack & cable inspection/reconnection
    • Hot swappable part replacement
    • Simple OS command execution and result capture
  • Professional IT service:
  • Operating System, hardware & software configuration
  • Regular software / patch installation
  • OS tweaking, such as IP table customisation, service startup/shutdown, scripting
  • Application server tuning: email server, web server, database server 
  • Enable staffs to focus on core business
  • Effective human resource allocation
  • Peace of mind
  • Professionalism
​​​Flexible OPEX model​
  • ​Avoid upfront investment
  • Better resource allocation
Direct connect to HGC's own IP and data network
  • ​High SLA availability and low latency
  • Shortest AS path provisioning
  • Secured network quality
​Tailor-made solutions:
  • Infrastructure
  • IT service
  • Software services
  • Design and implementation
  • ​Flexibility to bundle elements that best suit your needs
  • Module model for pick & choose
​Value added service packages available:
  • Private Cloud Solution
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Solution
  • Data Protection Solution
  • ​Quick service launch
  • Cost efficiency
  • Flexibility to pick & choose