Application and Content Provider (ACP) Solution
Application and Content Provider (ACP) Solution

Application and Content Provider (ACP) Solution

A holistic solution to your business coverage expansion

Faced with the fast-growing needs of internet content, social media and over-the-top (OTT) applications, Application and content providers (ACPs) are seeking an effective way to expand their business coverage overseas to capture more eyeballs.

HGC's ACP Solution comprises a full set of features including data centre, hosting and colocation services, seamless integration of connectivity and networks for both local and international, IP transit, equipment leasing and management, local remote hands outsourcing or even total outsourcing solutions of cloud computing services. It encourages content exchange, enhances application performance and improves user experience in a cost-efficient manner, ultimately helping ACPs to extend their business coverage all over the world.

​In addition, the ACP Solution offers direct connection between OTT players, ACPs and mobile operators to customise target reach and eyeballs.
  • ​Total solution
  • ​Bundling of multiple services to reduce IT complexity
  • collocation and hosting at premium date centres
  • cloud solution
  • IP transit 
  • international and local connectivity
  • integration of customer's and HGC's network
  • ​Robust globa​l network
  • ​MPLS based core network with redundancy and diversity
  • Customised combination of class of services(CoS)for specific needs and applications
  • ​IP transit
  • ​Ranked as one of world's top IP providers in the world
  • Global network
  • Presence in all major internet exchanges worldwide
  • Rich in mainland China content
  • ​OTTP/ACP direct interconnect with MNO
  • ​Direct eyeball reach
  • Lower hop count for best performance 
  • Improved end-user experience​
  • ​100% fibre optic network in Hong Kong
  • ​Backhaul connects to all cable head stations
  • Network availability of 99.999%
  • Low latency network with round-trip delay at an average of 0.0015 second
  • ​Local professional in different regions across the globe
  • ​Support in the same language and time zone eliminate cultural barriers
  • Dedicated local project managers work closely with local partners to smooth service delivery
  • ​Full control of network performance
  • ​Monitoring of end-to-end network performance and application utilisation by using HGC's own equipment
  • ​Premium date centre services
  • ​Wide range of date centres to choose from
  • Dual entry per carrier with diverse fibre/cable entry points from(two) different sides of the building
  • 24/7 International Network Operation Center(INOC) support with remote hand services
  • Flexible hosti​ng arrangements and tailor-made racks to accommodate different needs​
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HGC-intl Product PDF Download