HGC Connect Service

HGC Connect Service

Your Gateway to Asia and Beyond


Features and Benefits

Value Proposition​


One-stop-shop Solution


  • One-stop-shop in capacity management including licensing, landing, backhaul, colocation, managed equipment and manpower support of service offerings​

Fast Provisioning
  • Pre-activation of bigger port for carriers to facilitate fast provisioning
  • On demand capacity scaling up and down
  • Flexible contract period on activated capacity
Single Capacity – Multiple Connections
  • Single capacity with multiple connections to other Points of Presence (PoPs) and cable systems
  • Grooming service on backhaul from cable landing station
Single Platform – Multi-layered Services
  • Single capacity to support multi-layered services such as IPLC, GEPL, IP Transit, peering and voice services
  • Peering Service
    - Single connection, multiple peering services
    - Use of VLAN to separate peering with different parties
    - Full control on peering bandwidth
    - Pay-as-you-grow pricing
    - Higher capacity efficiency
    - Easy upgrade​


Connectivity Solution



Cable Systems Inter-connection

  • Connect from one cable system to another
  • Scalable and carrier-neutral platform
  • Four terrestrial fibre connections to China
  • Backhaul connecting to all cable heads in Hong Kong, extension to the rest of the world
Local Network Strength

  • Self-owned FTTB network in Hong Kong with network resiliency
  • Connect customer to all data centres in Hong Kong
Cable Diversity

  • Full diversity for Hong Kong network, data centres and equipments
  • Ideal solution for backup path of new capacity to existing capacity
  • Multiple paths with different cable systems outgoing to a single country

Capacity Management Package​


Capacity management to different international locations and bandwidth sizes according to customised needs for data traffic
Easiest way for voice circuit assignment to extend coverage to HGC voice platform and other voice carriers
Flexible capacity management to serve both data and voice with single ingress port
Support layer 1 – local loop and IPLC; layer 2 – GEPL; and layer 3 –IP peering and IP Transit for connection to local and overseas destinations
Allow portability of Ethernet port from one HGC PoP to another with busting capability




    HGC-intl Product PDF Download



    HGC-intl Product PDF Download