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Women in ICT: It takes pressure to make a diamond. Be the best that you can be.

HGC Insight 26 Women in ICT

“Have no fear to try and navigate the unknown.”

Willa Ortiz
Senior Business Development Manager - Philippines, International Business of HGC

ICT is evolving as a community-based and community driven sector, where technology continues to redefine and revolutionize the way we all live and work. In today’s technological era, it is no exaggeration that women significantly contribute to every stage of the advancement and continue to help defy the trends. In HGC, you will find the most creative, and exceptional team who acts as powerful backing of our customers.

Let’s start by meeting Willa from our Philippines international business team.

Willa Ortiz is the Senior Business Development Manager for Wholesale Carrier Data team, handling Philippines, Brunei, Australia and Pacific Islands of HGC. She is actively involved in industry associations to support the Philippines IT community. This year, the APNIC community comes together for policy development, decision-making, education, information sharing, and Willa will be sharing in “Women in ICT” session on her challenges and rewards experienced.

1. What attracted you to work in HGC?

I was first attracted to work in HGC because of the company’s reputable position as an international market leader. I like HGC’s spirit of camaraderie and dynamic culture where we value teamwork and collaboration across different business units in order to co-create value that drives innovation and exceeds customer’s expectations. I believe HGC can help me grow and live out my purpose in this connected world.

2. What’s your engagement in telecom industry association?

I’m the co-chair for the Philippines Network Operators Group (PHNOG), which is a non-profit organization established to promote coordination and collaboration among Network Operators in the Philippines. We focused on being the platform for knowledge development of all members, supporting the Philippines IT Community (by engaging engineering students from top universities) and growing the experts among Telecommunications Operators, Cable TV’s and Internet Service providers through discussions on technical issues/ concerns regarding the internet and network Management as a whole. We are determined to grow the peering community and enhance our Internet Exchanges (PHOpen IX) for a faster and inclusive internet service in the Philippines, in service to the Filipinos.

3. What is the most challenging moment of being a woman in technology industry?

The most challenging moment of being a woman in the technology industry is getting customers to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, and invoking change and automation beyond the façade of the gender divide. Though we live in a male-dominated industry, I believe women do have important roles to play in the IT industry according to their key strengths, and there is equal opportunity for everyone to thrive.

4. When did you first become interested in tech? What spurred your interest in ICT?

I have always been interested in how things work even when I was growing up and solving problems like the 1000-pc jigsaw puzzles back in the 90’s, which gave me a sense of accomplishment. Having experienced the ever-changing growth of technology in my lifetime, from listening to a Walkman and cassette tapes to an ipod and now Spotify. Not too long ago, we go from watching Betamax, VHS tapes, DVDs and now via Netflix, these changes get me excited and wanting to see what else does the future in technology hold.

5. What are the new tech fields that you are interested to explore more?

I am interested in exploring all the buzz words on Digital Transformation. The power of 5G is something I can’t wait to see and experience as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Internet of Things (IoT); or as they say Internet of Everything (IoE). Exciting times ahead!

6. What advice would you give to young woman today who would like to build a career in ICT industry like yours?

For all the young women out there:

Have no fear to try and navigate the unknown.

Hone your skills.

Be genuine and accept each ones differences, backgrounds, culture, beliefs etc.

Embrace collaboration and change.

Be the best that you can be.

7. What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love doing a lot of outdoor activities like hiking and biking. I’m also an advocate of having a fit and healthy lifestyle so I do a variety from yoga to running, to more intense trainings like Crossfit and preparing for the Spartan race.

8. Who do you think is the most inspiring woman?

I am so inspired by a lot of female leaders (Michelle Obama, Christine Lagarde, Jacinda Ardern and the list goes on), but the one who stands out for me is Angela Merkel. I love how successful she is in her career, now on her 4th term. She’s brilliant and being a scientist herself, gave Germany the upper hand during this pandemic. I admire her wit and decisive leadership style, how she stands her ground on economic policies and even accepted Syrian refugees.

I pin this quote from her on my Pinterest board: “Always be more than you appear, and never appear more than you are. “- Angela Merkel

9. Share your words of wisdom with our readers.

Evolve. Keep the faith. There will always be something new to learn, challenges to face, things we can’t always control. But don’t just go with it, grow with it. J

In today’s ever-changing environment, we are glad to have Willa’s endless dedication to unfogging and navigating the digital economy with HGC. In the upcoming APNIC 50’s webinar, Willa will share more on her journey of being a women in ICT. Register here now to hear more story behind.

Sign up now for Willa's Women in ICT session at APNIC 50

Sign up now for Willa's Women in ICT session in APNIC 50

Email Willa Ortiz, Senior Business Development Manager - Philippines, International Business of HGC, or by Call: +632 623 0096

Let's get in touch
Let's get in touch

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