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Andrew Kwok , President of International and Carrier Business of HGC was interviewed by Capacity Media on carrier-OTT relations. Please see excerpt of the interview published in June/July issue of Capacity Magazine below:

New carrier and OTT partnership models: No more free rides

Andrew Kwok , president of international and carrier business at Hutchison Global Communications (HGC) believes we are witnessing the third evolution of relations between carriers and OTTs.

At the beginning, he says, there was an initial standoff as OTTs continued to take business away from carriers. Three years ago, relations softened as carriers realised the need to cooperate more with OTTs and the huge growth of their traffic on networks.

Now, he says, both carriers and OTTs are becoming more selective in who they partner with and how. "The main difference is there is monetary benefit for both," he says. "In this new era, we are asking 'where is the real money?'" .

Carriers, he says, are looking to OTTs for customer retention and acquisition as well as growing new revenue streams. OTTs, on the other hand, are looking to carriers for network development and performance. "They [OTTs] have to choose a network that best fits their model. The requirements for streaming content or e-commerce are very different," adds Kwok.

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