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A comprehensive international communications service for players of all sizes

A comprehensive international communications service for players of all sizes

A2P (Application to Person) SMS is increasingly popular as companies from vertical industries recognise its value as a channel of communication with their customers, employees, and the general public. Common usage of A2P SMS includes all sorts of notifications, alerts, authentication, booking confirmation, loyalty programs, etc.


Private SMS hub for high quality service delivery

HGC A2P SMS, a private SMS hub, enables customers to deliver high quality SMS from applications to mobile users via a fast and convenient process without requiring extensive investment. Based on a fully redundant platform, the solution manages and simplifies the complexity of messaging delivery, such as interoperability, network and routing, spam filtering, as well as the critical business relationships. HGC’s highly reliable HGC​ IPX network ensures rapid and high quality message termination.

With direct connections to 11 mobile operators worldwide and over 100 million active subscribers, HGC’s A2P services guarantee a sustainable and high quality delivery of your mission critical SMS traffic.


Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Comprehensive service platform Applicable to different market segments including Enterprises, OTTs, Service providers and Mobile operators
Supports multiple access connections:
IPX / Internet VPN
High flexibility in selecting connectivity according to business needs
Supports multiple protocols:
Immediate service deployment
Platform availability at 99.95% High availability with minimal restoration time
SMS Firewall SMS filtering and spam control ensure high service quality;
Fraud detection by identifying grey routes, enabling MNOs to fully monetise A2P SMS revenue
Unique sender address A gateway for 3 Group;
Supports 2-way A2P traffic, enabling effective business communication (subject to local regulatory requirements and policies)
Easy access to international mobile networks, and A2P SMS hubs Rich eyeball reach;
Extensive global coverage
HGC A2P SMS Overview

Best Strategic Partnership award Messaging & SMS Global Awards 2018

“We are very proud to be recognised for the Best Strategic Partnership by Capacity Media. This award marks HGC’s strong position as a trusted partner for mobile operators and enterprises, providing proven solutions for A2P monetization, SMS filtering, voice and A2P enablement."Irfan Abubaid, VP- Global Sales Voice & Messaging Services Int'l Business.


Best Messaging Initiative Award in Carriers World 2018 for A2P SMS Firewall Program

“This prestigious award is an important endorsement of our business strategy to generate new A2P SMS revenues for Mobile Operators. HGC continues to invest heavily in its digital strategy to bridge and capture opportunities connecting the digital world with the MNO world. Our roadmap boasts a number of strategic futuristic products in our API based digital hub to further support MNOs in journey to capture the digital opportunities of the future.” Irfan Abubaid, VP- Global Sales Voice & Messaging Services Int'l Business.


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  1. Business partners include those entities of designated industries having a contractual relationship with HGC Global Communications Limited (please refer to3for details of designated industries).
  2. Personal Data includes any or all of the following : name, gender, telephone number, fax number, postal address, e-mail address, month and year of birth, and the information on usage of telecommunications and related telecommunications value-added services and relevant HGC Global Communications Limited’s account and service number.
  3. Designated industries include telecommunications and related telecommunications value-added services and/or products, concierge services, flowers and hampers, wedding planning services, personal care and beauty, fashion and apparel, supermarket and department stores, household, catering/ food and beverages, hotels and travelling, entertainment and leisure, high-end consumer products, electrical and electronic products, e-commerce and payment platforms, media, insurance, banking and finance, education, stationery and office equipment, real estate and property management, logistics and transportation, social network services, recruitment, charitable and non-profit making organizations.

If at any time in the future you do not wish HGC Global Communications Limited, its affiliated companies, agents and/or business partners in providing you with any information for direct marketing of the aforesaid products and services relating to HGC Global Communications Limited, its affiliated companies and business partners, please contact us via email, or by mail to PO Box 33, Tsuen Wan Post Office, Hong Kong or call HGC Global Communications Limited’s Customer Services Hotline 1220 (Voice/IDD Service) / 1222 (Internet Service). If you inform us via email or by post, our customer service representative will contact you for verification purpose.