HGC-IPX for OTT Content Providers

HGC-IPX for OTT Content Providers

A highly secured, quality-based solution for IP Interconnect

​HGC-IPX has been developed with reference to specification of GSMA IR34. It is a single private IP network that interconnects fixed and mobile network operators, application service providers and content providers for the provision of multiple services such as data roaming, BlackBerry, voice and video traffic, LTE roaming and mobile signalling. Leveraging MPLS technology, the highly-secure HGC-IPX service provides QoS for multiple traffic types, allowing operators to categorise their traffic into different classes and prioritise across the IPX network to its roaming and inter-working partners.

HGC-IPX service also provides a platform for Over-the-top (OTT) players and Application and Content Providers (ACPs) to directly connect to mobile network operators and capture eyeballs. This not only improves the end-user experience but also enables OTT service providers and Mobile network operators (MNOs) to partner on launching specific marketing campaigns, such a daily roam rate for a specific application.


​IP services across networks​

HGC-IPX provides an open connectivity platform that allows OTT players/ACPs to connect to mobile operators or other fixed and cable network operators to exchange IP content and application traffic. This enables mobile end-users to access content and applications directly without going around the global internet.​

Converged Services Offering to OTT and ACP players

HGC-IPX is designed to support the following services:


  • Direct interconnect via EBGP to MNO on same platform​


  • Just one or max. two hops count reach represent shortest path provisioning 

  • Guaranteed quality over private network

  • Prioritisation of different traffic types with CoS over secure connection

  • Guaranteed bandwidth​​

​​Class of Service​​​​Traffic ​Typ​​e ​​Service Examples 
  • ​Platinum
  • ​Conversational
  • ​Voice,​ Video Conferencing
  • ​G​​old
  • ​Streaming
  • ​Video Streaming, Video Sharing, Online Gaming
  • ​Silver
  • ​Interactive
  • ​Web Browsing, Instant Messaging
  • ​Bronze
  • ​Background
  • ​D​ata Storage

  • Hosting and collocation service available at data centre next to platform

  • Optional IP Transit enables access to internet backbone over secure connections for other traffic

  • Support other multiple services including voice and video traffic, data roaming, BlackBerry, signaling, LTE roaming, VoLTE if needed


  • ​Direct interconnect over IPX to MNOs
  • ​Capture mobile eyeballs directly for specific marketing campaign
  • Fewer hop counts for improved quality
  • ​Performance guaranteed over MPLS' network
  • ​Enables set up of secure network
  • Enables customers to categorise their traffic into multiple classes and prioritise throughout the IPX network to inter-working partners
  • Provides strict SLA commitment to improve end-user experience
  • ​Bundled Hosting solution
  • Wide range of date centres to choose from
  • Flexible hosting arrangements and tailor-made solutions to accommodate different needs
  • Cloud solution available​
  • ​Optional IP transit network
  • Enables access to internet backbone over secure connections
  • Rich ​in mainland China and Asia content
HGC-intl Product PDF Download



HGC-intl Product PDF Download