Carrier Network Extension (CNX) Solution
Carrier Network Extension (CNX) Solution

Carrier Network Extension (CNX) Solution

Network extension without the stress of establishing a network

​Network extension in emerging countries can be challenging, with limited telecom infrastructure and involving different languages, working culture and time zones.

Carrier Network Extension (CNX) is a total solution for international carriers to extend their network reach without the anxiety and regulatory complexity that goes with building and owning a network. Designed as a complete package, the service covers network design, platform setup, voice and data equipment management, local loops, service provisioning, ordering, billing and fault handling. The proactive monitoring service allows customers to monitor their circuit performance from layer 1 to layer 3, including International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC), Ethernet over SDH (EoSDH), Ethernet Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) and IP Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN) and voice services.

With dedicated professionals in regions across the world, we partner with vendors to ensure best-performing routing (BPR) and least-cost routing (LCR) are in place, to maxmise performance in cost-effective ways, in additional to tackle the hassle and building a Point-of-presence (POP) directly.

As a result, network extensions are carried out in a cost-efficient manner, allowing carriers and service providers to better allocate resources to their core business.


​Services Available in

  • ​​​​Cambodia​​​​
  • ​​Germany​​
  • ​​Indonesia
  • ​​Kore
  • ​Mainland China*
  • ​Malaysia
  • ​Myanmar
  • ​Philippines
  • ​Singapore
  • ​Taiw​an
  • ​Thailand
  • ​U​nited Kingdom
  • ​United States 
  • ​Vietnam​



​Features ​​Benefits
  • ​One-stop-shop project management
  • ​HGC handles all aspects of telecoms services from implementation to monitoring
  • The service covers network design,platform setup,equipment management, local loops, service provisioning, ordering, billing and fault handing
  • ​Local professionals smooth services implementation
  • ​Local qualified ​engineers provide support in the same language and time zone, eliminating communication barriers
  • 7x24 support in International Network Operation Center(INOC) with remote hand services
  • Close cooperation with local partners to ensure BPR and LCP
  • Customer Premises Equipment support(CPE) support
  • ​Direct access to market
  • ​Well-established resources such as diverse cable systems and self-owned PoP and vPoPs enable direct and quick route connectivity​
  • ​Proactive Monitoring
  • ​Customers can monitor their own network performances for ranging from layer 1-3(IPLC, EoSDH, VPLS,IP-VPN)
  • ​Full control of network performance
  • Monitor end-to-end network performance and application utlisation with GHC's own equipment
  • Stringent service level agreement(SLA)
  • ​Cost effectiveness
  • Eliminate need to invest in infrastructure
  • Turn capital expenditures(CAPEX) to more affordable operating expense(OPEX)
  • ​Proactive approach to contract renewal
  • ​Com​mercial managers can carry out periocic reviews and provide competitive contract renewal options​

HGC-intl Product PDF Download



HGC-intl Product PDF Download